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Friday, March 17, 2006

+ Neighbours | Cab War!

Tampines Street 71 Cab-Flagging Spot
It is the last day of the work week. Wonderful perspective of the weekend stuff to do. A million enjoyable things to do, so little time...

Was waiting for a cab at my usual spot this morning, saw a few people across the road far to my right and another couple my far left. Waited for about 5 to 8 minutes when two ladies came from my flat direction and uncannily stood right in front of me, not 5 feet away from me.

Talking to themselves and started flagging of a cab as if they are not doing anything wrong. Worst still regarded my as if I was invisible.

I was not particularly angry when the older lady started to use her mobile as if she was calling for a cab, but when she flagged an oncoming cab, I was burning mad!

I gave them an infuriated stare at the lack, no... total disregard of common courtesy but just cutting in on me. The older lady just continue talking on her mobile while the younger lady as if punching SMS in hers.

The most irritated thought was that they are the usual people that I sometimes see waiting for a cab. I would stand behind them and wait until they get their cab before I start to flag for mine.

A common, understood virtual "queue" system that is happening all around Singapore, but not to these 2 ladies. They believe they have the utmost right and their needs come first. They simply disregard other people and treat them as invisible.

I was fuming mad when they pretended that I was not there, standing almost an arm's length from them. Their sheer audacity of it all as they flag an incoming cab!

Out of character, I told them off...

FRYday Morning Cab War Depiction"Excuse me! You are very rude!" I exclaimed.

"You can see that I am here waiting for a cab first, and you just cut me in? How rude!" My voice was louder.

"You live around here and we are practically neighbours, and you just cut in here as if I am invisible?!" The younger lady just looked at me... shocked.

"When you guys were here first, I gave way until you get your cab! And you cut in like this?!" The older lady did not even look at me, she just pretended to talk on her mobile.

I flagged the cab and the older lady flagged it too. The cab somehow stopped for me instead. Thank goodness!

Before I went into the cab, I gave them a piece of my mind...

"Please! We live in a society, not in a cave!" I insinuated loudly and sat in the cab, but as I was about to close the door, the older lady said something loud that I could not make out.

Rage got the better of me. Spontaneously, knowing that she would rebuff, so I went out of the cab and asked her...

"Did you say something?" and paused as I looked at both of them for an answer. Here goes nothing, no turning back now... I though.

They both looked away, so I got in and left for work.

I guess the cab driver could make out what was going on, but he kept quite and the journey to work was ragingly unpleasant.

I just could not believe rude people like them. It spoils everyone's day.

You can never judge a person with the way they are dressed. Poised, professionally looking outfit, looks and sounds educated, but not learnt - totally lack of the simplest of manners or at least a moderate regard for the next person, self-absorbed.

I hope I do not have to face them next week and the week after that. I do not know them, but I hate them already. Bumber! I know.

What I can do, is to leave home 10 minutes earlier every morning, so that I do not have to meet them and let them spoil my day.

I sense another unpleasant encounter is inevitable if I do not avoid it. I sense they are still the rude people they were this morning. I hope I am wrong. Sigh.