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Friday, April 28, 2006

+ GE2006 | Vote Me

Singapore General Election 2006 Electoral Map
Coming this General Election 2006 on Saturday, 6 May 2006, I am not sure which one is more interesting... the correct political party to vote for or the fact that there are two public holidays coming real soon.

At this age, I should be serious enough to consider which party to vote as it affects directly my future, and the future of my family and nation... but I am not. I do not know why, I have been searching for that answer since I became eligible to vote.

Hougang PAP and WP Election PostersInstead, I am more looking forward to the public holidays that are coming - one on Monday, 1st May - Labour Day and another on Friday, 12th May 2006.

I should be getting a default holiday as replacement holiday on Monday, 8th May 2006, instead the company replaces it with an annual leave.

Today, I received in my mailbox the Poll Card for Tampines GRC. This card has 2 Electors Names - my wife and myself.

Since Tampines has an Opposition Party contesting it, we have to go to the polling station to cast our votes instead of sitting at the sideline watching a default walkover.

Like the previous GE, our polling station is just beside our home - Poi Ching School. Very convenient I should say.

Just yesterday was Nomination Day for the candidates to be announced for each party in each area being contested.

WP - Worker's Party SDP - SIngapore Democratic Party

On my bus ride home yesterday, People's Action Party or PAP - the government of over 20 years had already put up theirs on almost every lamp post there are along Hougang. A tough fight over there I presume.

The Worker's Party or WP was putting up their on a lamp post near the bus stop and made heads turn. Two elderly ladies who were walking past them stopped and clapped their hands in approval, I guess. I could not make out what they were saying but a lot of exchange of smiles.

PAP - People's Action Party SDA - Singapore Democratic Alliance

Upon alighting the bus at Tampines Avenue 9, only the PAP posters were up. Singapore Democratic Alliance or SDA has yet to hang-up theirs yesterday, but were up as I got off the bus this evening.

The campaigning is getting hotter by the day, much of the news coverage were about the MPs and Candidates going around the neighbourhoods meeting the people, shaking hands for votes.

The TV has started rerunning polling guides since yesterday.

All look set, only time now we will start to hear vans and pickup trucks with party slogans going around the neighbourhood, howling on megaphones asking for vote.

Now, I know which party to vote for reasons I know in my gut that it is the right choice. Nonetheless, it is interesting to listen to what all the parties have to say, promises they wish to fulfil if elected and the bickering between parties.

All part and parcel of election, the people must decide objectively, I believe.