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Monday, October 17, 2005

+ Vicinity | Service 34

Bus Service 34 Route from Punggol Interchange to Changi Airport

We are very delighted to learn that we have an additional convenience to get around directly without changing to other buses or trains with newly rerouted Bus Service 34.

Though a bit strange seeing a bus stopped at the traffic light at Tampines Aveune 5 junction while taking photos of the street light-up in celebration of Tampines Central Community Centre opening. It did not strike me at first, though I saw passengers inside from the rear of the bus.

I only confirmed for sure, when I waited with my son for feeder service 291, when my son pointed out to me the notice board hung on the bus stop pole stating that Service 34 began its new route since 31 July 2005.

With it brings great convenience to us since the bus route connects directly to several places that are important to us.

It starts from Punggol Bus Interchange and ends at Changi International Airport Terminal 2 after passing Terminal 1.

Changi Airport is one of our favourite family outings. We have dinners at the many food outlets there, eat sinful ice-cream at Swenson's or just stroll around the airport, just the three of us.

At the other end, Punggol Bus Interchange is near where both of my sister live. One is Punggol and the other, nearby Sengkang, which is across the road.

Along its route at Tampines Avenue 2 is where my eldest brother live. We would alight at the bus stop opposite the Holy Trinity Church to his home.

Already so happy that we have bus Service 168 that goes via the express route to Woodland Regional Bus Interchange, a walking distance to my Mom's place

We are delighted to learn of this new route as it connects my family and family outing places directly, practically right at our doorstep.

We are so fotunate to have chosen this housing estate as our home.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

+ Parents | LCD TV

LG 32Inch LCD TV Model: 32LZ50-L2

Went to my parents in Woodlands last Sunday, 9 Oct 05.

My parents had their Panasonic 29Inch CRT TV of more than 2 years with them not working as good anymore. It was the TV I gave them when I bought myself a Sharp 37Inch LCD.

I had that CRT TV for more than 6 years before I gave it to them. The lifespan is about close to 9 years. Not bad considering I bought for S$2,000.00 from Courts. The TV had served us well. I never regretted buying the TV at all. A 61 cent-a-day investment if my calculation is correct.

Mom decided to stay home, so I went with Dad to Courts, the biggest Electrical Superstore in Causeway Point. Courts was having a re-opening cum Hari Raya Sale, and that Sunday was the last day.

Dad comtemplating between a 26Inch and 32Inch LCD. The Korean brand LG was the obvious choice for the new technology dual-layer - a harder outer protective panel, including the fast recovery rate for the liquid crystals to stay get back into the colour mode when pressed-in as compared to the older models (that would include my Sharp LCD too.)

The resolution is the same as mine at 1366x728 pixels which is finer than the other brands of the same size. The design, as always for such TVs is slick and high-tech looking.

That weekend only, Courts had LG brand with a discounted price from S$3,299.00 to S$2,799.00 with two free gifts thrown-in. One from the manufacturer itself - an LG V-CB58HTV Vacuum Cleaner and another was from Courts - A 21Inch JVC CRT Colour TV.

Dad decided on the 32Inch model and forego the colour TV with a further reduction of S$150.00.

With all in, including an extended warranty from Courts for another 2 years to total 3, a charge of S$450.00 was added to a cool S$3,148.00 which he paid full amount in cash. Delivery on Tuesday, 11 Oct 05 after 2:00pm.

Received a call from Mom at work today. They have delivered the LCD TV to my parents home and fixed all other AV equipment to it.

My parents are delighted with the screen size and picture quality. The screen is big enough for good watching without the need for their glasses from the sofa, and visible enough further away when seated at the dining table.

Another high-tech gadget to the already impressive modern home for these two old folk to enjoy their golden years in comfort and a little more luxury. I am extremely happy that they are pleased with their choice.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

+ Vicinity | Tampines Community

Tampines Central Community Complex, 866 Tampines St 83

Came back home late in a cab and so beautiful street light-ups once the cab turned into Tampines Avenue 5.

So busy with everyday stuff that I did notice the efforts the Town Council put in to welcome our Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong to inaugarate the opening of the Tampines Central Community Complex that was completed months ago.

Situated off Street 83 and Avenue 5, the richly blue facade of the complex was brightly decorated with tinkering lights, just like, if not better than the Orchard Road Christmas Light-up.

The grand opening was on Saturday, 1 October 2005 at 7:00pm, complete with pyrotechnics and fireworks that was seen and heard all the way from Hougang, as one cab driver told me.

His daughter alerted him and the whole family watched it from their 12th storey HDB apartment.

Not bad for Tampines as it scored another first with this opening of a community centre housed within a complex, with complete shopping and other facilities, from an under the void deck community centre to a sprawling complex.

About 2,000m2, the club is the first to have an inline hockey court and a skate sports cafe, food court, Cold Storage supermarket and childcare centre.

The centre cost a cool S$5 million to build with the grassroots organisation raising S$1.5 million by themselves.

Also, instead of a minister, was proud and excited to have our Prime Minister to be one to come all the way to Tampines to do the honour of officially opening the complex.

As quoted by CNA news, Mr Lee said, "I envy you a little bit because your CC is much than the older ones like in Ang Mo Kio and other parts of Singapore. But slowly we will upgrade and we will build, and we will make all parts of Singapore special, and we will have a home which we can all be really proud of, which will belong to all of us."

The night celebration continued outside with people shopping at white tents Pasar Malam or night market stalls, lined with food and household items.

With the colourful lights lined the long road from either directions, the whole place was so lively and cheerful.

We have made a good decision to choose Tampines as our home.